January 29, 2011

New Pictures!

Just got new pictures of our son through giftstochinawith love. My 13 yr old son laughed because they have both had short hair at the same time and now they both have longer hair. Maybe they really are twins separated at birth! Hopefully I can get the picture on here big enough to see, for whatever reason I can never print them:(

Maybe Monday will bring news of our Article 5:)

Isn't he just adorable!!?

January 19, 2011

NVC Letter finally!

Finally - boy I seem to start my posts saying that alot. You would think since this is our third adoption I would be use to the wait times....but no...they get worse:)

Anyhoo..I emailed the snot out of the NVC until they sent me the NVC letter via email. From the looks of it they probably didn't even send it out in the mail until today so my watching the mail would have been for nothing up until this point.

Our agency said they would make sure it was taken to the Embassy in Guangzhou tomorrow or Friday. I would love to think they will whip out our Article 5 before Chinese New Year, but I can't hold on to that since they say it's usually 2-2.5 weeks. But I can hope:)

We sent a package to our son for CNY so we hope to hear back..we have been blessed to get a letter and pictures through www.giftstochinawithlove.com everytime so far. So we hope we do again this time. This will be the last time we send anything since we hope to be traveling in March.

The sun is shining and it's my daughters bday today too! What a great day!

January 14, 2011

NVC letter

I know, what a let down, you thought I was going to say we have our NVC letter, but no. I did however find out that they are sending it out today so hopefully I will get it in the mail early next week. I am hoping to beat the CNY and maybe have the Embassy have mercy and give us Article 5 in less than two weeks. Not likely, but one can hope:) Have a great week!

We sent off a CNY gift and letter to our son so hopefully we will get pictures back this next week that I can share! Not much longer!!

January 10, 2011

I800 PA!

We received our I800 provisional approval today! It was delayed due to the holidays but at least it is here. We are still waiting for it to arrive at the NVC so we can get it cabled to China. Hopefully it will happen this week. Tick, tick goes the clock! I would love to get our Article five before the end of January in hopes that they can squeeze out our TA before CNY...not likely but one can hope:)