April 25, 2012

We are traveling soon!

Praise the Lord we got our CA set....its a week later than we hoped for, but nonetheless we will be on our way in two weeks to get our sweet princess.  I have been praying for her foster family who has had her since she was 10 days old.  It will be so hard for them to let go - we are fortunate enough to go to Shanghai to visit them though.  It will be nice to be able to thank them in person.  I suspect there will be many tears from both sides.  We are eternally grateful to them and the Baobei foundation for taking care of her.   Well, off to plan airline tickets, packing and cleaning and stocking the house with plenty of food for the kids:)

April 23, 2012

TA, kind of, sort of

We got an email today from our agency asking us if we would be able to travel next week or the following week...looks like our TA should be recieved super soon so they wanted to be ready to ask for consulate dates...of course we said we would love either dates, but especially the first set.

Now we sit more and wait to see what happens!  We are one step closer to the princess!!!

April 13, 2012

Spring Break

As I am writing this I am actually seeing the sun shining through the window!  I think Spring has finally reached us!

The kids were on spring break this week, but I have to say its been a completely uneventful week.  Nothing exciting.  I spent the first day all day, at Seattle Childrens with our cleft palate son determining when his next surgeries will be.  The second day was spent getting my shots updated and travel meds for the trip.  Day three was spent shopping for a very special gift for our daughter's foster family, day 4 an attempt to get the kids shots up to date since they are off, and today we will finally have some fun bowling and roller skating.

Next week bring the dreaded but wonderful adoption yard sale.  We are always blessed by so many wonderful people making donations and of course other purchasing those donations.  Its so much work, but so worth the work.  Every penny matters at this point!

We have been waiting for a week and half now for our travel approval.  I would love to think we will get it this upcoming week but the reality is it will probably be closer to three weeks.  Maybe I will be wrong and it will be two weeks:)  Ahhhhh...the wait is never fun - both hubby and I have been swamped with so many things lately it will be nice to get away on this minivacation.

April 3, 2012


Yes today I got an email saying the embassy processed our article 5 and our agency should be picking it up today and sending off to Beijing!!!!  Hopefully our TA wait is short, but I am not counting on that..this waiting game seems to always be so variable.....yay though for Article 5!!