January 14, 2011

NVC letter

I know, what a let down, you thought I was going to say we have our NVC letter, but no. I did however find out that they are sending it out today so hopefully I will get it in the mail early next week. I am hoping to beat the CNY and maybe have the Embassy have mercy and give us Article 5 in less than two weeks. Not likely, but one can hope:) Have a great week!

We sent off a CNY gift and letter to our son so hopefully we will get pictures back this next week that I can share! Not much longer!!

2 Kind Words:

Debbie said...

Still checking in from time to time and waiting for travel news. Hope it comes soon.

RM said...

Whoot whoot, doing the cabbage patch dance for some quick action on that Article 5! So excited to see this treasure finally make it home!! Blessings to you Jennifer, look forward to following you to Henan. We had a great time in Zhengzhou. If you have any questions, email me
gubbycat@wmconnect.com. We got out and walked a bunch and I am sure that your son will want to visit a few places there in town. Are you with CCAI?

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