November 29, 2011

Another Milestone

Today we hit another milestone in our journey to Elizabeth.  I sent off our homestudy and I797 to the consulate in CA to get sealed.  Then hopefully by Monday it will be on its way to CCAI and within a week or two on its way to get logged in.  Thankfully we can still use our old I797 and didn't have to wait for it.  We will still have to get refingerprinted by USCIS but it isn't as big of a rush as it could have been.

We are all hoping for an update on Elizabeth but probably won't get one until right before we travel next year. Makes me sad, I would love to see her sweet face and how she is growing.  She should be about 17 months old now and I am sure she is changing every day.

We had a great Thanksgiving with our daughter in laws family - we each contribute to the food which makes it so much easier and way more fun.  Titus shared at the dinner table how grateful he and Adam were to be here and how they were thankful for us and our family.  He was crying, as were the rest of us.  What a blessing! They also both helped with the tree, refueling the fun of Christmas and the holiday season. Adam just kept saying how great America was and how much fun it is.  He is really excited to get two weeks off of Christmas.  I told him he would drive me crazy before the two weeks was over, but he reminded me that as long as had the Ipad to play on he would be happy!  Hahahah

We hope to evade anymore holiday germs.  We have had our bouts with sickness since Micah had his surgery and are praying that is the end.  The weather is in and out of rain and gloom and sunshine, sure would enjoy the sun a little more -but then we do live in the PNW!

On the horizon - the birth of our Grandson..our daughter is due December 9th...hoping and praying I actually get to go to the birth!  I can't wait!!

November 16, 2011

Time Flies

Wow, where has the time gone.  I didn't realize it had been almost a month since my last post.  Things have quiet on the adoption front.  Our social worker was suppose to have our homestudy done last week, but it's still not done.  We are still waiting for our FBI clearance which they said would be done by the 21st of November.  All that to say, hurry up!!!  Because we HAVE to have our dossier to china and logged in by 31 Jan in order not to have to redo our immigrations paperwork.  We still have to get refingerprinted but are able to extend our current immigrations, meaning not having to wait for a new I797 for our dossier.  IF all goes well it will save us an additional 2-3 months of waiting.  As always things are in God's hands.

Our month has been busy.  Little man had more palate surgery.  Actually the "speed bump" surgery where they create a bump in the back of the throat using his tissues to help seal off the throat when he talks.  It is suppose to help his speech.  So far it seems worse, but that probably has to do with swelling etc.  He is also having some sleep apnea issues, due to swelling, that are subsiding as the swelling goes down.  This surgery, by far, has been the toughest for the little guy.  He always bounces right back but this one has taken a little longer. He is also suffering from a pulled muscle in his neck.  They must have had him position strangely during surgery.  Poor guy!

Lucky me, I caught a super nasty virus while we were in the hospital and have been down for the count for a whole week so far.  To some of you this may not seem like long, but for me it is an eternity!  I am the kind of person that likes to be busy, productive and moving.  I feel bettter today, so it shouldn't be much longer:)

We sent our sweetie pie, Elizabeth a package a few weeks ago, secretly hoping someone would send us an update - not sure why I was hoping since they aren't suppose to communicate with us.  But nothing.  I was also hoping at least that our agency would get something from them and forward it to us:(   I seriously think the more adoption a person does, the harder the wait becomes.  We know what a blessing these kids are and to have to wait to hold and love them is so hard!  Thankfully the holiday busyness will help pass some time.

We found out Titus can have Strabisumus surgery to help his eyes not move so much.  We left it up to him to decide if he wanted it or not.  He didn't even hesitate a second, he said if it will help me, then I want it!   We also found out he may not be able to drive afterall. Washington law is you have to have corrected vision of 20/40.  His is 20/80.  His eye doctor said he feels comfortable writing a letter to allow him to drive in the day time in familiar areas.  We of course want 100% safety for everyone so will make that decision when he is in the age of driving.  Titus agrees he wants to be smart about it.  But what a bummer if he can't drive.  It's all he has talked about - he and Caleb:)

Today begins parent/teacher to the school house from 1230 until 7 tonight (varied times).  The kids are all doing great. Although Adam is starting to realize his cuteness will only go so far and he is starting to learn to "tow the line" along with the other students and at home.  The other day his time on "electronics" was up and he was told to go play. He stood in the room and wouldn't go.  He laughed, thought he was being funny and wouldn't go.  I told him if he didn't find something to do he would be put to work.  Something I tell all my kids, especially when they say they are bored.  He smirkingly said, ok I work.  Little did he know his bathroom was in need of cleaning and was quickly told to go clean it.  With much attitude and tears (trying to get out of it) he finally cleaned it.  Then he started back with his antics and was told once again that it wasn't cute and that if he didn't find something to do he would work more.  He said ok, I work.  Instead of making him clean more, I sat him down and explained proper obedience and behavior and that even though he is cute and funny, it isn't cute or funny to disobey and be naughty.  I think he understood.  But his attention span is very short:) as his teachers are learning:)  Live and learn. Love them all no matter what:)

Thank you Lord for your creations...we are blessed by them - now I know what you go through everyday with me:)

PS sadly I have taken no pictures lately...I better get back on board!