October 25, 2011

Beautiful Fall Weather is Here!

The Pacific Northwest turned from no summer to almost no fall to almost winter all in a matter of weeks.  We have had some nice weather this week though, which is making up for the past few months:)

We decided to take the kids to the pumpkin patch so that Titus and Adam could experience a little American tradition of pumpkin hunting etc.  It was very funny!  First off the day was rainy and so they wanted to know why on earth we would purposely go outside in the rain to get a pumpkin.  Then they couldn't understand why you would want the perfect pumpkin, THEN they couldn't understand why you would want to cut a face out of it!  Needless to say all of this was strange to them because they wanted to just eat the pumpkin.  Adam made sure he got a huge one so he could eat alot.  Titus picked a tiny one:)

Overall I think they had fun even though the weather was bad and the trip was quick.  And....we surely enjoyed eating the pumpkin the next day, both baked with brown sugar and butter and some fried with salt and pepper!

On a side note, our dossier is essentially done, just waiting for our FBI clearances and homestudy...please Lord let them be done quickly!  I hear LOAs after LID are taking up to 70 days...rgh...I want my baby home now!

October 10, 2011

Busy Week

Wow, I had a busy week this week.  I decided to go get a part time job to supplement some of our adoption costs.  Well, let's just say it is hard to find a part time job that allows me to only work from supper time on into the evening, and is flexible enough that I can kind of choose my hours.  Soooooo, those colorful arches is where I ended up.  I worked Wed-Sat nights until closing time, which brings me home at abour 1am.  I haven't worked in three years so it kicked my behind.  BUT looking at the picture of our sweet princess makes it all worth while.  AND I only have to do it for a few months.  Thank you Lord, for answered prayers.

We found out this week that our princess is living in major East Coast chinese city with a European couple as foster parents until we come.  She was provided surgery through an amazing organization called Baobei Foundation.  Everything I have read about them is amazing.  I can't wait to finally meet them and thank them in person for what they have provided her.   We were fortunate to also have one of our other children live in Hope Foster Home in Beijing.  What a difference in the way they bond when they have had that one on one attention from the get go.

Ahhh...now if our social worker would hurry up and get our report done we could get moving forward faster.  We do NOT want to miss our immigrations deadline - so we can reuse our already approved immigrations paperwork.  The holidays are going to drag on I suspect, while we wait.  BUT knowing that our sweet princess is being loved and well taken care of gives us peace of mind.

Our two boys that came home earlier this year, just watched the Jesus movie in Mandarin.  They LOVED it.  It answered so many questions they had that they seemed like they couldn't figure out how to ask us in English.  We do go to church regularly and are actively involved with our church family, so they are piecing it together but it was great to see them light up with excitement over the movie.  O

This week we also met with our local school to finally get the resources that both boys need.  We started this process about 8 months ago before they came home and have just not felt like they were being considered.  We love our school district especially our superintendant, but we were concerned that the boys were being left behind and not given what they need.  We are hopeful to be on the right path now.  They love school and feel so grateful to be able to participate.  The teachers have been wonderful.

We continue to Praise God for His blessings and provision and want to thank all of you out there who contributed to our fund.  There is no greater joy than being part of a process to unite a family together forever!  Thank you!