February 27, 2012

I800 (not yet:(

So our I800 paperwork was mailed off and received by the lockbox on 10 Feb.  I spoke with a Hague officer today who told me  - since we were reusing our immigrations paperwork they had to "send off" for those old documents (that are stored in a warehouse) to consolidate with our new I800 before they can approve it.  They said it will take at least a few more days before they get those documents, plus days to approve, days to mail etc...so it will be past a month of waiting for sure.  I guess you wait either way.  I am assuming the wait on this end is shorter than having to redo the I800a and wait for that whole process.....seriously....I know God is in charge and am grateful for that!  But I would like to get it approved as soon as possible and move on to the next step:)

Yesterday my hubby was in a car accident, no worries, he is fine, a little sore but fine.  It totaled our car and the other drivers car.  It was her fault thankfully, but sadly she had no license or insurance and was pregnant...so I feel sorry for her and am praying she and the baby are okay (the EMTs said she was fine at the scene of the accident).  Our insurance will take care of our car thankfully, but what a bummer for all involved.  Good thing I still have Clifford (our big red van) to transport all the kiddos around in.

It snowed here last night - IN WASHINGTON state...this winter continues to be weird.  After the 5 days of no power a month or so ago, I am not sure what to expect anymore.  Global warming right!? hahahaha sorry, I just don't buy into all that.

Well off to clean the house, wash the clothes and other mundane things while I wonder and wait this week about our I800.....Have a blessed week!

February 17, 2012


As we wait these last couple months (which seem like an eternity) we continue to be blessed.  We were told our daughters foster family (who are not ch*nese) were suppose to go back home, but asked their employer if they could stay until we arrived to adopt our daughter!  They said yes!!!  We are going to work with our agency to meet the family after the adoption is over and we are on our way home (they are fostering her in a different city than she is from).

In addition to that we were able to obtain hard copy scans of her spine to determine if we would allow them to operate on her again before we travel.  Our nuero guy said it was better to wait, so we have requested they wait, now we are praying they will grant that wish.

In addition to that we got an updated photo!!!  Goodness she is precious! 
Hopefully we will get our I800PA in the next week!

February 8, 2012


All I have to say is we have LOA after 55 days and I am praising Jesus!!!!

Mommy and Daddy are coming Elizabeth...soon, not soon enough, but soon:)

February 6, 2012

Day 53

Wow, day 53 already.  This LOA is taking longer than I thought it would.  Not sure why they are going slower each year but they sure are.  We will obviously wait as long as we have to but man, can't they hurry up a little? Hahahahaha...

Today is sunny and warming up here in the Pacific Northwest.  It makes me want our daughter home even more though; thinking about her playing outside with her brother while the other kids are at school....ahhh..the thoughts, dreams and wishes while I wait....

I have been working with my girls before school to memorize scripture.  Last weeks was 1 Peter 5:7  Cast your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.  What a perfect scripture for this part of our adoption journey. My 8 year old even said it helped her today.  She has such a tough time Monday morning.  She is a sleeper and a homebody, so Mondays are always rought starts.  She said she just kept saying that scripture in her head and it made her feel better.  How awesome!

Now, I do not pray for patience anymore, because as we all know when you ask God He listens and responds...so now I just pray specifially about a situation.  So today I pray that God sees fit to let us have our LOA this week, not next week.  So God, that is my prayer:)