March 31, 2011

Amazing, just amazing!

I had a beautiful post all ready to post and I deleted it by accident! BUT I will not let that keep me from reposting:) Our week went from gloom to sunshine..and I don't mean the weather. We began our week with missing and possibly incorrect paperwork to having it found, delivered, correct and logged in. We also saw our chip in button close out with 15% to become fully funded by a confidential donor. You may ask how this could all happen? It is because we serve a mighty, amazing God! This whole adoption has been a struggle for me to "just let go and let God". I work hard and am caring person, but sometimes (well maybe more than sometimes) I forget its not me that is in control but it's God. He continues to amaze me with everystep we take in life. I want to personally thank each person who has not only given financially to bring our boys home, but for the kind, encouraging words, for the prayers, new friendships and so much more. If I could reach out and hug you I would! So, THANK YOU!!

March 30, 2011

Today was a good day!

This morning the NVC confirmed they had our paperwork, and that it was accepted yesterday. I am praying it gets cabled tonight or tomorrow so that by Friday we can get our letter confirming cabling.

Today we received our I797 in the mail. I was worried at first because it said we were approved for one child. So I emailed it to our agency and they said that statement is on all of the I797s. It was in the next paragraph that indicated that we could adopt both of our boys...phew!

We are praying to be able to get our Article 5 and TA asap (within the next few weeks) so we can travel within a week of the time I will already be in Beijing. Please pray with us. This saves me the hassle of traveling home and then back again, plus the added airfare.

I made two quilt type blankets for the boy's beds, along with pillows. I am hoping this will make them feel special and more at home. I will attach a picture of the material I used on both. Now all I have to do is move my oldest son to a new room, make the beds, clean out the closets etc. We had already hung and American and Chinese flag in the room and painted the Great Wall of China on one wall when our youngest son was in there:)

We also ordered an Ipad2 in hopes that the new features and apps will help both boys since they are both visually impaired, one more than the other.

Guess that is it for now, off to dream of quick travel:)

March 25, 2011

Surgery and more paperwork:)

Today by 2 year old has his adenoids out. Pretty uneventful. He is running around tonight like nothing happened. When I got back from the hospital I had a message on our answering machine from our agency letting me know they talked to our Hague officer who indicated he approved our Supplement III on March 21st. Good news! We also received our I800PA in the mail. If the mail works like it should we should get our I797 on the Suppl III approval by Tue or Wed.
Now to start hounding the NVC to get cabled:) We may just possibly make to our boys by mid May afterall!!

March 21, 2011


What do you think!? I got new pictures and measurements of Adam!! Isn't he just adorable!! Can't wait to hug him and his big brother soon!

One more step closer

I was sitting here as my day plans were changed due to a missing bus (sons preschool bus never showed up) and thought maybe I should call the NBC to see what is happening with our paperwork.

I never explained our delay before because the day I found out the issue, was the same day we got pictures of our boys! What is more exciting, delayed paperwork, or pictures of the boys!? Easy answer.

Well, after waiting two weeks for our submission of our Supplement III for Adam, it came back in the mail! Not even processed. Two weeks delayed = a month behind the power ball again. I guess when our agency (who we love) sent me the information on how to submit the Supplement III, they misinformed me about the new fee. I knew there was a fee increase because I had read about it a few months ago, but I never thought for a second I would be getting outdated info from our agency. Like I said I love them, so they are forgiven:) Needless to say, I jumped quick to resubmit and have been waiting since the 9th of March for some sort of response. None so far.

I just called the NBC and was told our I800 was provisionally approved on 18 March (this past friday) so I should be getting that in the mail this week. Which is awesome because we can keep moving forward while we wait for the Suppl III. However, they had no information on our Supplement III and of course our officer we are asssigned to never answers the phone - goes straight to voice mail. I sent him an email in hopes of getting a response. I actually kind of feel sorry for them, dealing with PAPs like me with emotions, wanting things asap:) Hopefully I will get a nice, quick, positive response that it is approved and in the mail's hoping:)

March 14, 2011

Way Cool!!!

I was just minding my own business the other night when I got an email from the Min mom who said her kids were talking to our son Titus in China via some type of video on the internet. She was able to take pictures of her computer and send them to me, so I wanted to share with everyone! She said he was waving at us in the picture and even though we didn't get to witness it first hand, just knowing he knows we care is enough:) They didn't get to talk to Adam, but that's okay, I am sure Titus will tell him everything they learned from their friends about having a forever family.

We are so grateful to the min mom and family for their love and support of bringing our boys home. It will be so amazing when we are home -if we can all connect in person so these kids who grew up together in the orphanage can be back together again!

In addition to this amazing picture, we found out that our I800 is almost approved for Adam as well as his once they are in we should get travel news....I suspect May timeframe to travel.

March 7, 2011


The day can't get much better than this!! Pictures of Titus (L) and Adam (R) hugging each other as brothers and then Adam holding our picture book, pillow and bears! We are told they might write a letter in a few days!
Ahh my heart soars!! Anytime immigrations, any time!! Let's go get these boys!

March 6, 2011

A new week begins

Our family wants to thank everyone so far that has donated to help bring Adam home. We have raised $570 already from donations!

We are hoping to hear something from the USCIS this week about our supplement III. They said it usually takes 7-14 days for them to get it from the lockbox, to the main office. Monday will be 14 days. I know the original I800a's are taking up to 90s days, so I pray this is not the case for ours, since we already had it approved and are just supplementing it. If it does take that long we will be back to two trips to get the boys....something we don't want to do if we don't have to (it will be wayyyyyyy more expensive to go twice)

We are also anticipating getting some updates on the boys. We haven't gotten even one on Adam since PA so maybe this week will be a double blessing:)

As soon as I get my camera fixed I will post pictures of Titus and Adam's brothers and sisters that are waiting more patiently than their mother:)

Have a blessed week and thank you again for your donations...every penny counts!