October 25, 2011

Beautiful Fall Weather is Here!

The Pacific Northwest turned from no summer to almost no fall to almost winter all in a matter of weeks.  We have had some nice weather this week though, which is making up for the past few months:)

We decided to take the kids to the pumpkin patch so that Titus and Adam could experience a little American tradition of pumpkin hunting etc.  It was very funny!  First off the day was rainy and so they wanted to know why on earth we would purposely go outside in the rain to get a pumpkin.  Then they couldn't understand why you would want the perfect pumpkin, THEN they couldn't understand why you would want to cut a face out of it!  Needless to say all of this was strange to them because they wanted to just eat the pumpkin.  Adam made sure he got a huge one so he could eat alot.  Titus picked a tiny one:)

Overall I think they had fun even though the weather was bad and the trip was quick.  And....we surely enjoyed eating the pumpkin the next day, both baked with brown sugar and butter and some fried with salt and pepper!

On a side note, our dossier is essentially done, just waiting for our FBI clearances and homestudy...please Lord let them be done quickly!  I hear LOAs after LID are taking up to 70 days...rgh...I want my baby home now!

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