November 29, 2011

Another Milestone

Today we hit another milestone in our journey to Elizabeth.  I sent off our homestudy and I797 to the consulate in CA to get sealed.  Then hopefully by Monday it will be on its way to CCAI and within a week or two on its way to get logged in.  Thankfully we can still use our old I797 and didn't have to wait for it.  We will still have to get refingerprinted by USCIS but it isn't as big of a rush as it could have been.

We are all hoping for an update on Elizabeth but probably won't get one until right before we travel next year. Makes me sad, I would love to see her sweet face and how she is growing.  She should be about 17 months old now and I am sure she is changing every day.

We had a great Thanksgiving with our daughter in laws family - we each contribute to the food which makes it so much easier and way more fun.  Titus shared at the dinner table how grateful he and Adam were to be here and how they were thankful for us and our family.  He was crying, as were the rest of us.  What a blessing! They also both helped with the tree, refueling the fun of Christmas and the holiday season. Adam just kept saying how great America was and how much fun it is.  He is really excited to get two weeks off of Christmas.  I told him he would drive me crazy before the two weeks was over, but he reminded me that as long as had the Ipad to play on he would be happy!  Hahahah

We hope to evade anymore holiday germs.  We have had our bouts with sickness since Micah had his surgery and are praying that is the end.  The weather is in and out of rain and gloom and sunshine, sure would enjoy the sun a little more -but then we do live in the PNW!

On the horizon - the birth of our Grandson..our daughter is due December 9th...hoping and praying I actually get to go to the birth!  I can't wait!!

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Jennifer said...

You're moving right along!!! :) That's so exciting! We're waiting on our I797 right now. Seems like forever. :)

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