January 22, 2012

Gotta love Washington weather

No, really, normally its awesome here in Washington.  BUT the last four days were just spent without heat, water, electricity etc etc.  A huge storm came through dropping 14 inches of snow followed by 1-2 inches of ice, causing trees to break and fall all over the place.  We were not prepared so we were pretty much stuck the first 24 hours.  After that between neighbors, church family and friends pooling together resources we survived:) Hahah I know, I grew up in Michigan so this was nothing compared to there, but when a state is not equipped to deal with this type of issue then it is a big issue.

I must say despite getting bored, being freezing cold and having to flush with buckets of water we sure enjoyed all the time huddling up with friends, playing games and visiting.

Don't worry sweet Elizabeth, we will have a generator, gas stove and all the other things we need so you never have to live without:)  Its kind of comical now that the time has passed, I am clean and have access to my own power and computer:)

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Bushnell Girls said...

Kinda like when we get a big rainstorm here in SoCal. Power outages, car accidents, you name it. As much as I would love to live in WA someday,... several days without power are a bit of a deterrent, I must admit! Glad you found ways to make your burden a blessing!

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