March 12, 2012


Today we finally received our I800PA.  It was approved on March 7th -so took 5 days in the mail to get here.  I called the NVC right away and the officer there said they had not yet gotten it.  I am hoping it is just in their mail room waiting to work its way to the correct office.  She seems a little concerned stating that they should have already had it. So she forwarded a request to her supervisor to track it down.  I of course contacted the NBC and left a message for our officer there to see if she had a tracking number etc. 

If I remember correctly it took 7 days to get there last time, even though they say they 2 day express mail it to the NVC, so I won't totally wig out yet:)  I will be so happy to have our paperwork past this point...then its just Article 5 and TA!!!!  It would be so awesome if we traveled in early May instead of late May.  I would like to miss the holidays there and be home with enough days of school left that I can get rested and into a routine before all the kids are home at the same time.

Thank you Jesus for being my shoulder to cry on while I wait not so patiently:)

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