May 2, 2012

While we wait

Seems like all we have done the last 4 years is wait...with each adoption its gotten harder to wait in some we try to stay busy.   This past weekend my daughters and I along with my granddaughter went to a Princess tea at our church, because you know we are all Princesses of the King of Kings:) and so are you!

I am so beyond blessed to have the adult children that I have. (my daughter, her hubby and one of their kiddos on the left and my son and his wife on the right )  My daughter and her husband are always there interacting with their siblings (my other kids:), supporting our adoption fundraisers and advocating. Our son and his wife are always willing and ready to step up and take care of our kids so we can go on our trips..seriously we are blessed!  I can't wait to give back to them one day if/when they decide to adopt.
Now off to wait for our travel expense list/agenda:)

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