June 1, 2012

Getting back to Normal

Sorry for the delay in posts, in fact I was horrible when we were in China and found myself using the computer time to post on facebook.  But truth be told, most of you are my facebook friend so I probably didn't miss many.

We have been doing good since getting home.  I have had a bad sinus infection and finally got antibiotics yesterday so am hoping to feel better soon.  But everyone else seemed to fair the travel and jetlag pretty well.

Miss Elizabeth has done fabulous.  She is happy and finally slept through the night last night.  The other nights she just woke up crying but went back to sleep.  We will wean her into her sisters room over the weekend.

She is still apprehensive about the boys, which is weird since her foster family only had boys.  She loves the two girls and tries to play with Judah but he keeps wondering when she is leaving! hahahah not such luck little man.

The weather is back to typical WA spring rainy weather, it makes me actually miss Guangzhou a little:)  But summer is on it's way and WA summers are the best.  I am not looking forward to trying to entertain all my kids this summer and/or keep them busy enough to not sleep all day, play electronics etc.  They will be outside alot as far as I am concerned.

We will be having a huge pigroast to celebrate E coming home and the two boys' one year home, which was year ago 10 June.  Can't wait to have fun with friends and family.

We are indebted to our adult children who stepped up and took care of the 6 kids we left home with them.  They all did great and I don't think scared their big siblings off from future visits or babysitting.  hahah time will tell.

Note:  E testing out the playpen
 Note:  My awesome Mothers Day gift from my kids -thanks to my oldest daughter (now we just need to add Miriam who was with us in China and Elizabeth:)
Well, back to the grind...take care and talk to you soon?

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