August 18, 2010

Back on the slow boat

Well if it isn't one thing it's another. It looks like it will take up to six more weeks to get our last background check. Frustrating to say the least, we just pray they get it sooner than later and we can move on to the fingerprinting part of this adoption. Say a prayer for open doors and smooth sailing.

3 Kind Words:

RedeemedMama said...

Praise God who makes miracles happen. I have been praying for this boy for months. We have a daughter from Xinyang. She told us when she was just 3, that in China they called Jesus "Hosanna". We had NEVER taught her that. I believe your son is completely covered by the Holy Spirit. Rest in Him!

RedeemedMama said...

Ang said...

Hi Jennifer,

Saw your post on Shannon's blog. It's so exciting to see how God is leading your family. Gabriel and Ana are both walking. It sure is busy around here.

God Bless...Angie

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