August 2, 2010

Snails Pace?

OK so today I feel like we are moving at a snails pace to China. But, any movement is good right?
I came home from VBS at our church to find our marriage certificate that was sent to the NYC chinese consulate was sent back. They are no longer accepting mail in documents, you MUST use a courier. So $130 later, plus $36 for postage, it is off to the courier in NYC. Please Lord, let them get it and back without a glitch.
Needless to say, I also sent my birth certificate to the Chicago consulate via courier today to avoid another delay. Only $110 plus $36 postage:) Only! Ha
I am waiting on Bryans birth certificate to come back from LA...hopefully they take mail word yet, it was delivered to them on the 27th of July.
Pray our homestudy comes in next week so I can expedite it out and get immigrations moving on fingerprints. If I can get it back by the end of AUG and get a fingerprint appt on the books we might actually be able to travel by April or May.
Again, please pray that things move quickly with the homestudy and immigrations. I know China will expedite things due to our sons age but the US doesn't seem to do that so far.

We are coming son, I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bushnell Girls said...

April or May? Ohhh..... I will pray that it happens sooner than that! Ty needs to be with his family!

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