September 23, 2011


Today while my kids are at school and my youngest is taking a nap I have been thinking.  I know, hard to imagine me sitting still long enough to think.  I have been thinking about how amazing God is.  Through this past week we have been blessed by His work through many people.  We had over $600 donated to our adoption fund, we had many families calling, supporting and encouraging us, and we found a new social worker agency.   We were beyond blessed with the same social worker we had over the last 4 years and will miss him dearly.  He really became a sweet part of our family - all the kids enjoyed his visits.  But God took what was to be a great big change both financially and timewise, and presented us with another agency who is willing to pick up where David left off.  God is so good.
We still need about $1200 to make our first payment to our agency to get moving faster to be able to make our 90 day timeline, but I have no doubt that this will happen.  Please pray for us and/or consider a small donation.  You would not regret helping bring a precious child home to their forever family.

The crazy thing is if the IRS would have just given us our refund this would not be an issue.  We are working with them to come up with an agreement as to what refund we should be getting.  According to the rules put out by themselves, we should be getting back thousands more than what they are telling us they owe us.  So now we draw up another set of papers and send it back one more time for them to see where the error is.  This apparently has happened to many, many people.  We started this refund process in FEB and don't expect it to be resolved for several more months.  But alas, God has a plan!
We would also ask for prayers that our FBI fingerprints get processed in the next few weeks so that won't be standing in our way of meeting our deadline.  We have been told it can take anywhere from 6-12 weeks.
Other than that, life continues to be a blessing, kids enjoying school, fall weather moving in, precious friends getting LID and other friends getting their first foster kids. I look forward to what the next week will bring not only in our lives but yours as well.

 PS the picture has nothing to do with the post, its just one I love of our 4 year old a couple years ago in October

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