September 29, 2011

A Week Blessed by God

This week met with wonder.  We received several very generous donations which will get us through this first phase of the adoption.  And although we continue to "fight" with the IRS (meaning they still don't want to give us our refund, in fact they want to fine us $3000 for our taxes being "falsely filed" thanks to Turbotax - so we write a letter- send "again" the same documents to prove we did adopt and pray they drop the fine and give us our refund before January). Nonetheless we have been blessed by others!  God works His will no matter what stands in the way!

We have yet to hear from our new social worker to get moving on the homestudy (which has to be done in the next 90 days) so am praying that phone call comes today. We were assured it will get completed.  I hate that our little princess is sitting over there just because people want us to redo paperwork we just did last year and hasn't changed..but alas that is the way it works.  Hang on baby, we are working hard to come!

We have all been fighting the virus that is going around causing people headaches, runs and sore muscles..flu like.  We are hoping it passes through us quickly.  I don't like this season:( 

Not much else to share at the moment except that we are grateful our God is good and that He gets the glory for everything!

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