December 19, 2011

Does this fluidity ever end?

Seriously - the one thing I hate about adoption is that it is ever changing!  Nothing is normal.  Today I got an email from our social workers agency saying we had to pay upfront all of our post adoption reports....$2400.  This was unexpected since we are already paying our adoption agency a fee to ensure we do all of our post adoption reports.  Rgh...with our last adoptions we did not have to pay upfront for the reports..we paid as we went.SOOOOO thats $2400 we did not intend of having to spend until after we came home with our princess.  We are still fighting with the IRS to get our 2010 tax return and who knows what 2011 return has for us. 
Needless to say today I feel defeated.  I am busting my behind and making little progress.  Yes, I do know God is in control, and yes I do know it will all work out, but I am pretty sure he is putting some of the responsiblity on us to make it I feel tired, useless and defeated at the moment.
It is not fun being caught in the middle -we make enough money to easily take care of our children, but we don't have $25,000 laying around, nor do we qualify for any grants.  So back to the grind stone -with as much peace as I can have in my heart knowing my God is greater than this small task.
 Does anyone else ever feel this way ever?!  I am pretty sure I am not alone, which motivates me to keep on keepin on....I will not stop until not only this baby is home, but all the other children in the world are home where they belong. (don't worry I will not try to adopt them all - I would if I could:)

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Bushnell Girls said...

God is walking alongside you - I know it doesn't always seem that way. Elizabeth's story will touch many lives one day, as will the stories of all of your children, biological and adopted. God has plans for them all. Press on, friend. Praying for perseverance and emotional strength!

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