December 30, 2011

Package to my princess

Today I mailed off a package to our princess.  Since she is in a foster home and not the orphanage we were given permission to mail things to her at the foundation the home falls under.  I hope the packate  makes it to her. 

I put together a video with pictures and video from the holidays.  I read that our daughter loves music so I had the kids sing different songs like Isty Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and some Christmas songs.  I bet she will love watching kids sing to her.  I know she is too little to comprehend that we are her forever family but at least we have a memory documented for her.

It breaks my heart to think of her having to leave the family that  raised her from 2 months of age until we travel (she will be about 20 months when we travel).  I hate for her to have to leave a familiar place to go with unfamiliar people/places - but she is meant to be with us:).  She will probably not remember this when she is older and having been where she is will help her do so much better bonding with us. 

I pray for the foster family that they will continue to stay in touch with us and that they will continue to foster kids...knowing that they made a difference in these kids lives.

TodayI filled out our I800 paperwork so it is ready to send to our agency with our LOA whenever it arrives.  It should come anytime between the second and third week of January.  Earlier would be nice!  Until then, we wait, not so patiently to travel to get our princess. 

2 Kind Words:

Jennifer said...

You're getting SO close!!! It's wonderful that she's with a foster family! I pray for Caleb's foster family often, their hearts will hurt. :( May God bless the foster families...they are giving us such a wonderful gift. :)

Bushnell Girls said...

Oh, I hope that the package gets there! You are wise to do things that will familiarize Elizabeth with your family. Blessings to that foster family! Praying that things move quickly and you can travel soon.

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