February 17, 2012


As we wait these last couple months (which seem like an eternity) we continue to be blessed.  We were told our daughters foster family (who are not ch*nese) were suppose to go back home, but asked their employer if they could stay until we arrived to adopt our daughter!  They said yes!!!  We are going to work with our agency to meet the family after the adoption is over and we are on our way home (they are fostering her in a different city than she is from).

In addition to that we were able to obtain hard copy scans of her spine to determine if we would allow them to operate on her again before we travel.  Our nuero guy said it was better to wait, so we have requested they wait, now we are praying they will grant that wish.

In addition to that we got an updated photo!!!  Goodness she is precious! 
Hopefully we will get our I800PA in the next week!

3 Kind Words:

Jennifer said...

Oh my lands! She is just sooooo cute! What a huge blessing to have her stay with her foster family! You're so close!!! :)

Bushnell Girls said...

Blessings to little Elizabeth! We are looking forward to when we can follow your journey on this blog to go get her!

The Leonard Family said...

You are moving right along....

And an updated as well....YEAH!!!!!

Can't wait to see you with Elizabeth!!!!!

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