March 16, 2012


We got our NVC letter via email today.  It was dated yesterday but not sent until today.  Now off to our agency it goes, then onto China, then wait for Article 5, travel approval and we are on our way!
I love and hate this part of the journey.  You know whats coming and pretty close to when, so the waiting is horrible (but knowing who we get to meet soon is worth the wait).
March and April are going to be long months!

I sure would love another picture of our sweetie!

Well, off to thinking about corned beef and cabbage - my husbands yearly Irish fix.  Enjoy your weekend!

3 Kind Words:

Vicky said...

Congratulations on this next step. My Article 5 was exactly two weeks. I'm starting week two of the TA wait. Your sweet baby will be home soon! What a wonderful thought and blessing!

Jean said...


Can't wait to see your little one in your arms!!

Redeemedmama said...

Aw, not too long now Jennifer. This is Tammy (redeemedmama) who still has a pic of T on my computer. His face drives me on, hoping one day I have a boy like him in my family too. Congrats on the upcoming journey to your daughter! Your family is very blessed:)

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