July 25, 2010

Paperwork, paperwork

On saturday I finally got my birth certificate after the usps lost my request in the mail. After almost $50 and an additional week, it came. Needless to say I zipped to the PO and mailed it priority to the state to get their certification done. I am mailing other last two documents (other than the I 797 which will be last) to the embassy's tomorrow. Then we wait for our SW to finish our homestudy. Hoping he will have all our background checks in by then, if so he should have it done the first week of August. Keep praying! I would like to have it before I head to Florida for my first Grandchilds entry into the world:)

For those of you who know me, I hate waiting:) Everything always takes longer than I think it should. Seems like if you are adopting a child who is close to aging out of the system things would move quicker..ugh.. I just keep reminding myself that God is bigger than the paperwork system!

I ordered a gift through Ladybug carepackage people. I want to make sure to keep sending him things to remind him we love him and are working hard to get there. We took our kids to our friends house to play in the river that runs down from the mountain. I kept thinking about how much fun Ty and his soon to be virtual twin would have had..guess we will just have to go again once he is home.

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Debbie said...

I'm sure the delays are much more difficult when you have already identified your child. I hope you don't hit any further delays and that you find yourself in China very soon.

Bushnell Girls said...

It always amazed me when things did NOT get lost in the mail! We have to put so much trust in the agencies who serve us. BUT we also have to trust in God, in His timing, and remember that He is in control. Frustrating and difficult...because we want to be in control and have everything go smoothly and quickly, without a glitch. We are praying for peace for you guys throughout this process of bringing Ty home!

Mercedi Benien said...

Just picked up May from the airport, one of the first things I told her about was Ty *wink* and she was SO excited, and immediately loved him too!
Can't wait for God to bring him to you!

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