September 16, 2010

Momentary Pause

Seems like we make one step forward and then wait. Why does it seem harder to wait for paperwork on this adoption? Is it because we have already done this before and know what to expect? Is it because we have seen our young son's face and know he is anticipating our arrival as much as we are anticipating travel? I don't know. All I know is its been almost a week since our homestudy was approved by our agency and we still don't have it in hand to send to immigrations and the consulate for our dossier...rrrgh.

Praying it comes tomorrow so I can jump on it first thing Monday morning.

I seriously don't want to seem like a complainer all the time. Other adoptive moms understand each stage and the feelings that come with it. Sometimes it just seems like I am all alone in this process. My husband is the great file cabinet and worrys/thinks about nothing unless it is an immediate problem that needs solving. Wish I could be that way, but I am not.

I am grateful to God for allowing us the opportunity to have another son; for supportive friends, especially Denise; that God is on my side, and that I can praise His name !

3 Kind Words:

kmcaffee said...

You are so not alone!! Please call or email or text if you need to talk. I was crawling the walls when I had to wait for Katie's stuff - comes with being a Type-A, non-patient person (me, not you)! And I think it gets harder each time you go through any process because you know what to expect and how long things should take! Prayers coming your way! Love and hugs to you, sweet friend!

Debbie said...

Although I haven't been through this process as many times as you have, I found that there were parts that were harder for Lili's adoption than Naomi's adoption and vice versa. Regardless, it's hard to wait when you want something so badly and knowing that your son is waiting for you and wanting his forever family so badly has to make the wait much more difficult this time through.

Thinking of you and hoping your paperwork arrives soon so you can be Chinabound soon.

Mel said...

i sooooooooooooooo hear you!!!! just gonna copy and paste your last entry, change a few names and put it into my blog, lol.

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