September 19, 2010

When there is nothing else to do, dress up like a pirate!

Since we have to wait we thought we would have some fun! Nothing like a pirate party to pass the time:) The three little ones on the left are ours, the rest is our crazy extended family:)

This is our oldest son J (also the bday boy for the day) and his beautiful wife T...argh matey!

One of our little buccaroos! J!
The boy most excited to have a twin brother coming home soon. Mr. Toby Mac Wannabe :)

2 Kind Words:

kmcaffee said...

LOVE this! You guys are so fun!!! That Caleb! "Toby Mac wanna be!" :)

Bushnell Girls said...

Love the new look on your blog! It's nice to see Bryan smile in the photo, and of course, Jen, you look gorgeous. What a fun party! Tell Caleb we like his haircut. We miss you guys!

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