September 4, 2010

Praying for Good News

For all of you who follow this blog, I ask for your prayers. It might seem silly, but we are in our eighth week of waiting for one background check. I am in constant contact with the state reminding them we are on a tight timeline (which hopefully isn't making them work slower).....please pray it comes through quick and clear this upcoming week. I don't want to have to ask for outside help in getting it done. I have been told by more than one person that this particular state is always slow.
It's actually silly because if we weren't trying to adopt an older child before he turns 14 I probably wouldn't worry about it as much.
A friend of mine who recently adopted an older child was able to get their dossier in and travel in less than three months thanks to governmental help....we don't want to be in that boat. What started as a quick homestudy has now slowed to a halt -waiting....again your prayers are appreciated. I know God is in charge and I continue to cling to Him and the promise of His work and will in our lives. But I also know that he asks for and listens to our prayers. Thank God for God and faithful prayer warriors:)

3 Kind Words:

kmcaffee said...

Praying, praying, praying!!!

Bushnell Girls said...

I think that getting some sort of high-up government official involved is not necessarily a bad thing. I tried it when compiling my dossier for Abby (to beat the 5/1/07 changes in China's adoption policies) but my local rep did NOTHING for me (liberal democrat, whaddya expect). Thankfully I made it with about 2 weeks to spare.
We are still praying for you.....

Neese said...

I KNOW this is going to work's the whole potter and the clay thing...but yes, it's painful...Jennifer and I are praying for sure. We love Ty already as well as the rest of our extended family.XOXOXO

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