October 15, 2010

Exciting Surprise!

Today was a good day! I opened my email to find that we had a letter from our son in China. Apparently the amazing people at http://www.giftstochina.com/ people had asked the orphanage the last time we sent a care package to have our son write us a letter. We had not asked for this or paid them to do this, but they were so sweet to ask, and the orphange so sweet to follow through!

It sounds as if our son has been dreaming of a forever family forever and can't wait until it actually happens to him. Another one of his friends at the orphanage is leaving for his forever family in Spain this week, so he is happy for him but sad he is still waiting. Of course he asked that we come as soon as we can. I just wish we could expedite the process so he wouldn't have to keep waiting. It must be hard for him to wait and watch his friends leave.

He says he thinks about us daily and that he wishes us (his mama and baba) good health and his brothers and sisters good studies. What a sweet boy. Thank you Jesus for Titus...may he be blessed with peace in his heart and mind knowing and never forgetting his family is working hard to come get him.

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Bushnell Girls said...

I had read your comment about this on Facebook, but I love the added details that you've mentioned here! I can hardly wait until Titus someday realizes The One who is orchestrating all of this, and can pray to Him (instead of just wishing good health and good studies!). We are still praying for things to move quickly, so that he can come home to you!

Mel said...

now how sweet is that??!!!
praying for a fast process for y'all.

ronvic7 said...

Too wonderful! You are so blessed,we never got anything like this with our 3 teens from there! I'm so happy for you and to see this precious boy able to write a letter to "HIS FAMILY."

Min sibs momma

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