October 22, 2010


We have been blessed these last few weeks to have our daughter, her husband and our first grandchild up from Florida visiting us. We thought we better get a huge family picture done since our son and his wife we also in town and not out traveling like they do so often, and hubby's folks were up from New Mexico visiting. Of course we promptly wrote our son Titus a letter and send this family picture to him, along with a picture of the middle school he will be going to with his brother and another picture of hubby and I. I cannot brag enough about www.giftstochinawithlove.com they have been so wonderful in adding gifts to our packages, making sure our son gets our gifts and letters etc. I won't use anyone else to send gifts thats for sure.
We have our fingerprint appt next week. Word of caution for those using the Seattle USCIS: we went last week to try to do our prints walk in, which they say they accept. We waited two hours before they decided they were too busy to take us as a walk in. I was so mad I started crying. Oh well its the past, now we pray our actual appt comes quick and the I797 comes in quick. We need to get to China!
PS do you know how hard it is to get that many people to pay attention for a picture! My poor 6 yr old was crying right before it and mad she had to have her picture taken:)

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Bushnell Girls said...

I love that you guys were able to get any kind of photo at all with this many people! It came out remarkably well, considering the number of children in it! I'm sure that Titus will be thrilled to see all of the people who already love him. Praying that once those fingerprints are done, everything goes through quickly!

Jill Coleman said...

I want to see pictures please! ;o)

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