October 4, 2010

Fingerprint Appointment!!

I decided to be pushy and emailed the NBC to ask if they had scheduled our fingerprint appointment yet. The USCIS officer emailed back right away and said although we hadn't been assigned an officer to our case yet, we were scheduled for our appt on 29 Oct.

This is great news. I think we will try to go up to Seattle and see if they will take us as a walk in early. *we went up on 14 October, were told to take a seat, two hours later they said they wouldn't do our prints early!*

Hopefully we can get our I797 back asap and have our dossier off to China by early Nov.
The rest of our dossier is already at our agency being reviewed. I will feel better when it is all in China and we are waiting for the next step. If we are able to stay on this timeline we could travel anywhere from Mar-Jun. Earlier is always better:)

3 Kind Words:

kmcaffee said...

A great, big, huge WAAAAAHOOOOOO!

Neese said...

Yipeeeee! Another answered prayer! If you need child care while you go up to Seattle, lemme know...I'm all over it. I think your "pushy-ness" has paid off :-) Also I decided that you need a new pic of you and Bryan since you've had your hair cut a while now. I'm praying for Feb travel...I like to meet Ty sometime around my 42nd bday...greedy, I know.

Bushnell Girls said...

Yes, let's pray for earlier travel, and while we're at it, earlier fingerprinting! I think that being "pushy" in this situation is certainly appropriate - and it's what we all do for our kids when it is warranted. Praying for you guys and for Ty!

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