May 5, 2011


Yay, our team made it to China and are enjoying New Hope Foundation and all the babies. Our team arrived in three different groups coming from CA, TX and WA. We got right up this morning after arriving at 1030 Wed night and went to see the Great Wall. Tomorrow we spend the day with babies, so will try to post some more pics. I was able to give Micah's nanny the photo albums I made for her - she was so excited...along with the little girl she use to nanny (her mom sent me photos to take to her as well)

Prayer request! We found out today that two of our documents are going to have be notorized, authenticated and Certified before we can travel...a new requirement from China, so guess what, we are back to being delayed at least another month. Even though our documents were already in china and all we had to do was get travel approval. This is cutting too close for comfort! Please pray they will make an exception and we can still travel this month.


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Chasing Starshine said...

Oh my, I will be praying for favor for you! (Mom of another aging-out boy with Titus' special need)

Anonymous said...

i did not realize that you were making a trip to before you get your boys. My son was in the New Hope Foundation at the Xinyang Special Care Unit. I take it you are at the one in Beijing right? Will you be seeing Dr. Joyce Hill or her husband Robin? If so will get a picture of them for me and tell them Charlie (Zhao Chuan's mother) said hello. Please share some history with me about this org, if you learn any. i would like to share it with my son one day. Thanks so much and have a good trip. I know it must be hard to be there when you cant get your children. you are an amazing woman and I admire what you have done and what you are doing. God Bless You and Take Care
Jan Chapman

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