May 13, 2011


I planned on posting to our blog while I was in China for our trip to Hope Foster Home, but it didn't work and hubby couldn't figure it out while I was gone. So I hope to post it later this week.
While I was in China our agency informed us that we had to retroactively do some paperwork that was previously not required. Thankfully we were able to get it done and it should be back to us and off to our agency by Monday. But I do believe it delayed our travel even more. There has been on delay after another which is more than frustrating. I know it will eventually happen but the thought of my boys sitting there and wondering if it really is going to happen, is disheartening to me.
We really though we would get our travel approval this week, in fact there were two batches that came in, which almost never happens, but guess who's was not in there? Yep, ours. We were told it could be another full week before we get it and another 2-3 weeks after that before we travel. We should travel in June but with Titus's 14th bday coming in July - it is too close for comfort. will all work out, just wanted to post and let everyone know why yet again, we haven't traveled.

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Lillie Family said...

I will be praying for you guys -- hopefully this is the *final* delay, after TA you really should be good! The hardest thing about this process is that you can't control it!!

Thanks for sharing your storY!

Gabrielle Evelyn said...


Cheers up and do your best!

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