May 29, 2011


We are here! We landed in Zhengzhou on Sunday at about 1230 and are at the hotel getting everything together to meet the boys tomorrow. We spent the last few days in Beijing doing the normal tourist stuff and getting to know the other families. There are 14 families total - they came in anywhere from Thur - Sat. They are all wonderful! Most are getting younger children ages 18-30 months. There is another family adopting an 11 year old girl :)

All of the families with the exception of us and one other family, will travel to the registration office to receive their children. Since our boys and another child are coming from Xinyang which is very far away, we will wait at the hotel and receive our children here. I am kind of sad to miss everyone else getting their kids, it's so emotional and lovely.

We are staying in the same hotel we did when we adopted Micah, and are only a few rooms down from where we stayed before. It's like reliving Micah's adoption..makes me miss the kids at home and our first travel group!

I attached pictures of Dad and I at the birds nest, Caleb with our guide George and our travel group at Tinaneman square (minus a few families who hadn't arrived yet).

I guess that is it for now, now we sit and wait anxiously for all our children. You can feel the joy and nervousness of everyone as we pass each other in the hallways :) We can't wait until we can share more with you as we take this journey.


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Gabrielle Evelyn said...

ZHENGZHOU?But dear,I think you're in Beijing according to the last two pictures show,right?

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