June 15, 2011


We are finally home.  I am so tired I didn't even think to look at the blog to see if I already post it:)
After a few trials and errors we made it home about midnight on Tue.  Everyone is settling in just fine.  Now if I could get the boys to sleep at night and not all day we will be great.  They don't bother as night when they are awake and we are asleep, but I worry if they don't try to transition it will be a long process.

They don't care for american food which we expected.  In fact they complained about everywhere we ate in China once we left their province.  I think they understand there isn't much we can do about that, and I understand the loss they have without their comfort food, but they have to transition enough to survive:)

We had a nice meeting with everyone at the school.  Titus will take a math assessment sometime this week to see where he is.  If he is on track he will  stay with Caleb in grade 9 next year.  They also decided that even though Adam is small and acts younger than his age, he should stay with his peers, so next year he will be in 7th grade but doing 1st grade work.  Not sure how they will handle that.  The only thing that will change it is if the doctors decide he needs a bone scan to confirm his age. 

Anyway, that is it for now.  We are grateful to be home and to be a family finally!  Thank you everyone for all your love and support!  The picture is of our adoption group:)

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Sheri-Gifts to China With Love said...

Congratulations sweet Momma!!! So excited to see you home with your precious sons. I loved following your journey, although...I needed way more pics! lol

So glad you are home and safe. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your Red Thread journey to your precious sons.

Sheri and Katherine
Gifts to China With Love

1204233361 said...


Home is our support and staying in our hearts forever.No matter what happens,we're the families together,forever~

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