June 9, 2011

Saying Goodbye to New Friends

Tonight we had to say our goodbyes to several of the families we adopted with on this trip.  Some are heading to Hong Kong for the night.  Tomorrow more will head out, some straight home, some to Beijing etc.  Since we had a later consulate appointment we don't leave until Saturday - along with three other families.  We wish we could have gotten to know them all better but as big as our group was and as spread out as we were, it just wasn't possible.  They are ALL dear to us in one way or another!  For those living in Colorado, we hope to pop through and say hi the end of July.

For those "Hope foster home" lovers, check out the precious Hope baby girl...there were two on our trip (I will post the other sweetie tomorrow). 
PS...the picture with the fat lady is to represent how I feel after eating at Lucys too many times:)

3 Kind Words:

Bushnell Girls said...

Oh! I love that little girl! So glad she has a family, and she looks even cuter now than at Hope. Blessings to her & her forever family.

1204233361 said...

Well,we have say to goodbye sooner or later.But,the memory will stay in our hearts forever,as we're all in the good relationship and let's value the feel together!Cheers!

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Gabrielle Evelyn said...

Well,goodbye means will see again in Chinese,right?

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