June 10, 2011

More "See you laters"

Just a few more see you laters to our friends today.  I couldn't post all the pictures because some are on Bryans phone...will post later.  The one with the handsome young man and baby is Will and his new little sister who is also from Hope.

We leave in the morning for Beijing!  We may try to squeeze in a trip to the Great wall for the boys.  We get in to our hotel by the airport at about 2 so we will see.

The boys are swimming one last time before we head out.  I staying in the room to pack them all up.  We had to run out and buy a suitcase this morning.  Who would have thought we would accumulate so much stuff in Guangzhou.  I guess 8 days here is too long:)  Bryan said if we come back again he is going to do his hair strange and take pictures for money.  Everywhere you turn someone is taking wedding photos for families.  Its hot and humid and they dress up and come outside for a daylong photo shoot!

Anyway.....until later!

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Neese said...

What a blessing it is to see one of the Hope babies we just held a few weeks ago go home to her forever family! Cute brother...at a glance I thought it was Caleb. Can't wait to see all the goodies you brought home from China.(minus the marinated duck toungue - quack quack!)

1204233361 said...

Warm picture and I do feel the love and happiness in it!Cheers~

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Gabrielle Evelyn said...


The little girl is so cute!

Celine Bags

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