December 26, 2011

Holiday Times

 I was admiring another blogger (also named Jennifer:) and her kids photos..envy, is what I have:)  No matter how hard we try or where we are I cannot for the life of me get all my kids to smile at the same time.   You would think Santa and Mrs. Claus and Great Wolfe Lodge would do (probably too tired to smile from all that swimming and in the kids defense the candy canes tasted like medicine.  But I guarantee they had fun!  They never stopped swimming for a second.

At home on the cozy couch where we take all our pictures..not sure why but that is what always, but almost:)
Back at Great Wolfe lodge, nope, even though this was taken before we hit the slides and waterpark, you think the sheer anticipation would be enough...but there is always one who looks like she was taken hostage and another who just refuses to smile (yes, thats you Judah, little man) Of course I was the "one" who always cried for photos when I was a kid, so I understand.

Oh well, even without captured smiles, they did smile alot and they had a great Christmas.  All Adam kept saying was "this is the best Christmas I ever had"....which is sweet and sad all at the same time, considering its really the first Christmas he has ever had...

Off into the New Year soon in hopes of that coveted LOA -we sure felt an empty place this year for our sweet Elizabeth but know in our hearts she is being so loved by her foster family and are grateful for that love and together.  And we know she too shall be home to add to our picture, only I suspect she will be all smiles:)  I know I will:)

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Jennifer said...

Girl, you've got me by 4 kids! ;) You just wait until our newest two come home...ha ha ha! ;) Your pictures are darling! Your kids are so stinkin' cute! :) Can't wait to see your newest addition in there!!! :)

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