January 23, 2012

LOA Wait and Chinese New Year....

Tomorrow morning marks day 40 waiting for our LOA.  I have read anywhere from 30-80 days.  Huge range and with China being closed for New Years celebrations for the next two weeks, I suspect we are in for a long wait.  Bummer for sure.   Everyone who has adopted before knows that when you finally see that precious face of the one you are adopting, the wait time feels like double normal clock ticking time.  But, we wait and we pray.

Tonight we took the family out to celebrate not only our 11 yr old daughters birthday, but the start of Chinese New Year.  We ate way too much at the local Chinese Super Buffet!  Titus spent his time chatting in chinese with the employees (while eating 4 plates of food) and Adam just ate and ate and ate.  He now wants this to be the place we bring him for his birthday present:)  

I was chastized for not giving them their "red envelopes with money" in the morning.  I gave it to them at dinner.  After their correction on proper tradition I reminded them that we were out of power for 5 days, had no cash and had to wait for the bank to open up while they were in school.  Geesh...I guess they have become Americanized...too bad, I enjoyed their Chinese traits better:)

Overall a great night

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Bushnell Girls said...

I love reading about your kids! And maybe Titus & Adam can teach everyone else to speak Chinese. I'll bet it will be a comfort to Elizabeth when she comes home.

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