July 7, 2010

Our son

I thought I would share a little about our son in China. He will be thirteen very soon, is a handsome, smart, and kind young man! He has albinism, but it obviously does not affect him, it actually makes him even more handsome as far as I am concerned:) We will be referring to him as Ty or Titus in our blog. I will share photos when we are allowed to.
Continue to pray for us as we try to get all the dossier together over the next couple months. With all the places we have lived during our military duty we have a lot of background checks to do. Thanks for following and feel free to leave comments of encouragement:)

2 Kind Words:

ronvic7 said...

We are so happy for your family!
Guess your stuck with us as extended family for life:) Ohh, hope that doesn't scare you!

Can't wait to see your journey unfold leading you straight to Titus.

Min sibs momma

Shannon said...

So excited for you all! I'll be praying for you all during this journey.

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