July 21, 2010


We received and update today of Ty...no pictures:( BUT what a great one page update on him. He sounds like a great kid. He is studious, caring and helpful. It also sounds like he really wants a family of his own -I cannot imagine how hard it has been for him to watch his mates leave to families, while he continues to wait. I can't wait until the day he knows we are waiting for him (hopefully he already knows this since we sent him a care package) and that he knows he is loved and already part of our family.
It really is amazing how much we can love him when we have never met him in person, but we do! From the oldest married kids to the youngest, they have all remarked at how much he is loved and anticipated. He will even be an Uncle before he arrives:) (my oldest daughter is due with the first grandbaby in Aug)
Now if the paperwork would hurry up we could get moving:) The last birth certificate should be here today, all other documents are already in transit either at the state or embassy level. Our social worker says he should have our homestudy done the first week of August (providing all the background checks are in by then). Once that is done, we wait for fingerprinting. I would like to sayour dossier will be done and turned in to our agency by Sep or Oct at the latest.... but only time will tell. Then hopefully we wait less that 5 months to travel! How I would love to have him home by Christmas or at least late winter. Keep praying!
My daughter and I are suppose to go to China in May 2011 to work at our son's (who we adopted 2 yrs ago) foster home. I would love to already be back before we head over again, or at least not have the two trips clash. Again time will tell.
Keep praying for quick paperwork so Ty can be home with us ASAP! we are grateful to anyone who reads this and prays. God will bless your prayers!

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Shannon said...

I hope everything goes smoothly for you in the paperwork process. You will have to share how his all came about! I would love to hear it. Praying for you all!

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