July 14, 2010


I sit here today pondering our son who sits in China waiting for a family. I wonder if he received our box for his birthday this week, I wonder if he knows of us yet- hoping if he does he knows he is loved by us.

It's so hard to sit here just waiting for paperwork to come and go, for clearances to be completed, for our homestudy to be written, for immigrations to send appts for fingerprints, for well, just everything we are at the mercy of other people to do. Knowing this wonderful young man is waiting.

I know Ty is in a place he is familiar and will have adjustments to do when he comes home. He will have to adjust to a new language, new smells, new foods, new home surroundings. And although I know he desires a family to have as his own, I also know he will grieve over the loss of his nannys, his friends, his familiar surroundings in his orphanage. BUT I want it to happen quickly so he can begin to make the adjustments to his new life. A new life of opportunity, love and family - something he has dreamt about for years.

Pray with us while we wait, that the wait will be short and Ty will be where he belongs....with his family - us!

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Debbie said...

I hope that things move along quickly for you. Waiting can be the worst kind of torture at times, but well worth it in the end. Of course you already know that :-)

Jill Coleman said...


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