November 15, 2010

Crashed Computer but still good news

It is so sad:( Our main computer crashed with all my pictures on it. Thankfully my husband backed it up on line but now the new computer isn't working right:( I am using my laptop but really wanted to start posting pictures and things we are doing while we wait for this paperwork etc to clear us to go to China. Ahhhhh!

Well the good news is our I797 is on it's way back from the Chinese consulate so it should be here by tomorrow - if express mail is what they say they are - and when it gets here its express again to our agency so our dossier can finally get to China. All I want is that LID so we can feel like we are moving forward. Had that one background check not taken 2 plus months we could have had everything done and in China in 3 1/2 months instead of 6 months. It made me so mad, but glad we are over that hump and moving forward.

Titus continues to get care packages from us and we keep getting unsolicited pictures through giftstochinawithlove...they are amazing! Our son continues to wait as patient as he can. Can you imagine dreaming of a forever family for 11 years and then knowing you have one now but have to wait many more months? Poor guy! We love you buddy!!

Guess I will go and see about getting some pictures taken and on this laptop:)

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