November 19, 2010

It's on it's way

Our dossier left today and should arrive in China in 3-5 days. We are told it will take 4 weeks for them to log it and up to 8 weeks to get our Log in Date. Keep praying for it to happen faster. I know with God anything is possible, even a 2 week log in date:)
Enjoy some pictures while we wait:

Our halloween costumes...yes I dressed up like my husband and he was dressed up like a monk...he was very disturbed about how much I looked like a man. My daughter in law actually ask "who is that man over there" when she saw me! I promise never to let Titus see this picture until he knows who I am and that I am a normal woman who loves him:)

Me and my beautiful granddaughter!

All our kids plus two of the best in law kids we could have...

And last but not least the two little boys holding hands walking on a path..The big boy was helping his little brother:)

3 Kind Words:

Debbie said...

Woo Hoo!!! Dossier out of here = relief!!!

Hoping the next part of the process goes by very quickly for you.

Love the pictures!!!!

Neese said...

Com'mon Feb...I want to meet Ty for by birthday! Praise the Lord. Btw I still laugh when I see that Halloween pic...I had to call Jennifer in the room and ask her to confirm/deny if it was you. You're awesome!

Shannon said...

Yea for the dossier!! When it makes it to China it will keep moving along (and not sit in a pile collecting dust like ours).

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. Will you be sending photos of the snow fall to Titus?

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