November 30, 2010


While we wait for our LID..I sit in the Starbucks at Seattle Children's Hospital waiting for my 3 yr old son from China to have surgery. He has a cleft palate and has had many surgeries but each one in some ways becomes harder. For him and for us. For him because he knows its going to feel icky and he won't be able to enjoy food for a few weeks, and for us because it's so hard to see our precious child have to go through so much.
We knew adopting a child with special needs would put us through many trips to the hospital but we also knew it was the only way to give our child an easier stab at life. So here I sit, waiting and praying that one son comes out of surgery with flying colors and another sons paperwork moves quicker so he can have a family that is willing to sit and wait in the hospital - should that need ever arise (which of course we hope never does)
Being a parent brings the greatest joys and pains, but EVERY moment is worth it!

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Bushnell Girls said...

You guys are awesome parents. Your children are blessed - isn't there a Bible verse about that? Something about "her children will arise and call her blessed"? Thank you for giving children on the other side of the world a loving family, a second chance at life, and most important, the opportunity to know Christ.

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