November 6, 2010

I 797 is here!!

The last document is finally here. Now to run it to get a true copy done, go to the state (which thankfully is only 40 min away), and then off to the Chinese consulate. My hope is to get it all done on Monday while fitting in a haircut and doctor appointment for my 6 year old (with a 3 and 1 year old in tow). BUT this is important!

My hopes are to have it all back no later than early next week so I can send it to our agency, CCAI. Thankfully they already went through our dossier documents so it shouldn't take them too long to send it off to China. Not sure how long it takes to get logged in and our letter of acceptance sent, but as always we are asking for prayer to cover us from any delays. Titus is excited to be coming and probably doesn't understand that it takes months to travel.

Yay....a good day!

5 Kind Words:

Neese said...

YEAH!!! One step closer. I'm sorry that today didn't quite turn out (at least not with your sanity and haircut in tact). Let me know how else I can help! Love you guys!

Debbie said...

Sorry I haven't checked in often, but I'm so very happy to hear things are moving forward.

Shannon said...

Great news!!

Mercedi Benien said...

I'm SO excited for you guys!
I CANNOT wait to meet Mr. Ty!

Bushnell Girls said...

It's happening! I will keep praying for speedy paperwork. You know that if anyone can move things through, it's CCAI. Blessings to you for giving Titus a family and a chance for a bright future. We love you guys!

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