December 7, 2010

Another day in time

I actually thought that I wouldn't dwell on waiting for LOA since I know its going to take a month -but I find myself doing just that. Not in a way that I did in the other adoptions. I am not stressed over it, just thinking about it and hoping it will move faster. This time I can actually say its not for selfish reasons. In the other adoptions I wanted my babies home so I could cuddle them and love on them, but for this one I feel pain for my son who is old enough to know he has a family waiting but probably doesn't understand the process and how long it takes to get there. He is probably thinking about the fact he will be leaving his friends and the only place he has ever known, yet anxious about a new life. I obviously can't wait to hug and love on him as well! But alas we all wait........

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