December 18, 2010

Crazy woman!

Yes, that would be me. So my LOA/LOC package did not come this morning as promised so I called FEDEX to find out their Memphis hub had snow and everything was delayed. They told me I probably would not see my package until Monday which meant it wouldn't make it back to CCAI by Tuesday, further meaning it wouldn't make it to China before Christmas...delaying us yet again.
BUT there is hope. I called back an hour later because I didn't like their answer and they said it was now on the truck from Olympia to my house and should be here by 4:30...still not good since I can't send it out before Monday, but better than later. hubby saw the truck a half hour ago down a main street by our house so I hopped in my car and began to chase it. Yes, I chased it. I tried to get him to stop at two stop signs and pay attention to me but he just thought I was crazy and kept watching me in his mirror! Can't he see a woman who needs her LOA!!!
So I chase him about 4 miles and decide if I want him to give it to me I better go home and wait. My husband thinks I am crazy too but I think its called be proactive. Lord knows if hubby took care of all this paperwork we wouldn't have even adopted our first child, let alone number two or three...Gotta love him though, he puts up with me. I crazy? Ladies please let me know. Hubby thinks I am too proactive:)
So here I sit on the computer looking out the window for the FEDEX guy who will still take another hour or two to get here, since he went way out in the woods away from our house first. I still plan on driving down the Olympia to try to mail it even though they said it had to be there by 2. It is now 1:30. Ahhhh the plight of an adoptive Mom! Surely some of you can understand it!

4 Kind Words:

Debbie said...

What's so crazy about all that? :-) Sounds perfectly normal behavior to me :-)

Jill Coleman said...

I sit here an laugh but I am not in your situation. I think I have chased a UPS man before, but can't remember what it was for. So, I'm guessing if it involved my son, I would be chasin' a truck.

Rebekah said...

Ummm......I totally understand. LOL! Hi! I just came here from Jean's blog. And we just received our LOA Thursday. I will be stopping by again since we are following a similar timeline now! Nice to meet you!

Gabrielle Evelyn said...

Crazy woman?Pretty woman?Hehe.

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