December 20, 2010

LOA made it!

Our LOA made it to the agency and they will be sending our I800 out to immigrations. If I read things correctly it should take them a couple weeks to send us another approval, then Article 5 then TA then travel. This new system is different for us so I am not totally sure. Nontheless the agency said we would travel within 11-15 weeks! That is great news since we want to be home long before May. We also got pictures of our son and his friends received their Christmas tree and gifts from us. Our son wrote us a nice letter saying how much he is looking forward to coming home forever. Its going to be so hard for him to leave his friends. Be ready because I will be advocating for them to be adopted. I wish I could convince hubby to adopt at least on of his friends, but with 6 already at home ranging from 1-13 I don't think he will go for it. One can always pray right?
Anyway its a great present for us to hear about all this!
Tomorrow we take our kids to Great Wolfe Lodge, something we planned a long time ago to surprise them for Christmas. It's a fun indoor water park and hotel. Merry Christmas to you all!

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