December 25, 2010


Merry Christmas!

So far we have had a great Christmas. It started last night with Christmas singing at church and then moved to our friends house for cookies and other great foods, there had to be at least 50 people there. We got home about 10 and got the kids in bed before putting out the gifts.

We told the big kids they couldn't get up before the little ones were up. The little ones were up without the big kids hearing them so we had to go wake them up! Fun was had by all and they are now enjoying their gifts and each other.

We are off to my sons in laws house for a PJ Christmas dinner! The best time always! And then home to rest before the week begins again.

I was reading the blog of some new favorite people who are on a plane as we speak to meet their son in China tomorrow. I am so excited for them, I can't help but think of Ty that he is still waiting. Hopefully this next week or two we will hear about PA news so we can move onto Article 5:)

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Bushnell Girls said...

I showed Frances your family photo this morning. She said, "Sarah looks so pretty!" Thank you for sharing your family via the blog! We love seeing your family, even if it is from miles away.

Gabrielle Evelyn said...

Merry Christmas!

herve leger

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