March 21, 2011

One more step closer

I was sitting here as my day plans were changed due to a missing bus (sons preschool bus never showed up) and thought maybe I should call the NBC to see what is happening with our paperwork.

I never explained our delay before because the day I found out the issue, was the same day we got pictures of our boys! What is more exciting, delayed paperwork, or pictures of the boys!? Easy answer.

Well, after waiting two weeks for our submission of our Supplement III for Adam, it came back in the mail! Not even processed. Two weeks delayed = a month behind the power ball again. I guess when our agency (who we love) sent me the information on how to submit the Supplement III, they misinformed me about the new fee. I knew there was a fee increase because I had read about it a few months ago, but I never thought for a second I would be getting outdated info from our agency. Like I said I love them, so they are forgiven:) Needless to say, I jumped quick to resubmit and have been waiting since the 9th of March for some sort of response. None so far.

I just called the NBC and was told our I800 was provisionally approved on 18 March (this past friday) so I should be getting that in the mail this week. Which is awesome because we can keep moving forward while we wait for the Suppl III. However, they had no information on our Supplement III and of course our officer we are asssigned to never answers the phone - goes straight to voice mail. I sent him an email in hopes of getting a response. I actually kind of feel sorry for them, dealing with PAPs like me with emotions, wanting things asap:) Hopefully I will get a nice, quick, positive response that it is approved and in the mail's hoping:)

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