March 30, 2011

Today was a good day!

This morning the NVC confirmed they had our paperwork, and that it was accepted yesterday. I am praying it gets cabled tonight or tomorrow so that by Friday we can get our letter confirming cabling.

Today we received our I797 in the mail. I was worried at first because it said we were approved for one child. So I emailed it to our agency and they said that statement is on all of the I797s. It was in the next paragraph that indicated that we could adopt both of our boys...phew!

We are praying to be able to get our Article 5 and TA asap (within the next few weeks) so we can travel within a week of the time I will already be in Beijing. Please pray with us. This saves me the hassle of traveling home and then back again, plus the added airfare.

I made two quilt type blankets for the boy's beds, along with pillows. I am hoping this will make them feel special and more at home. I will attach a picture of the material I used on both. Now all I have to do is move my oldest son to a new room, make the beds, clean out the closets etc. We had already hung and American and Chinese flag in the room and painted the Great Wall of China on one wall when our youngest son was in there:)

We also ordered an Ipad2 in hopes that the new features and apps will help both boys since they are both visually impaired, one more than the other.

Guess that is it for now, off to dream of quick travel:)

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Jennifer said...

Great news and beautiful quilts! The boys should love the Ipad. CG really likes playing with her Papa's. She can even operate my Itouch with no problems. I highly recommend Angry Birds. ; )

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