March 6, 2011

A new week begins

Our family wants to thank everyone so far that has donated to help bring Adam home. We have raised $570 already from donations!

We are hoping to hear something from the USCIS this week about our supplement III. They said it usually takes 7-14 days for them to get it from the lockbox, to the main office. Monday will be 14 days. I know the original I800a's are taking up to 90s days, so I pray this is not the case for ours, since we already had it approved and are just supplementing it. If it does take that long we will be back to two trips to get the boys....something we don't want to do if we don't have to (it will be wayyyyyyy more expensive to go twice)

We are also anticipating getting some updates on the boys. We haven't gotten even one on Adam since PA so maybe this week will be a double blessing:)

As soon as I get my camera fixed I will post pictures of Titus and Adam's brothers and sisters that are waiting more patiently than their mother:)

Have a blessed week and thank you again for your donations...every penny counts!

2 Kind Words:

Jennifer said...

Charli and I are praying for favor at USCIS. Hope you get an update soon. Do the boys know they are brothers yet???

Nancy said...

Looking forward to updated photos, and hoping you get notice that your paperwork is done. Waiting is hard!

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